Dear colleagues, guests, and airway friends,

It is our great honour and pleasure to address you on behalf of the Croatian Society of Difficult Airway Management of the Croatian Medical Association (CMA-CSDAM) and to invite you to the 4th Croatian Congress of Airway Management with International Participation which will be held on September 16-18, 2022 at Dubrovnik Hotel in Zagreb, Croatia.

The Croatian Society of Difficult Airway Management of the Croatian Medical Association (CMA-CSDAM) is a national medical society founded in 2011 with the aim of educating about the application of knowledge and techniques of effective airway management. So far, the Society has organized three successful congresses on airway management in regular three-year cycles in 2012, 2015 and 2018. The current COVID-19 pandemic has prevented us from organizing a regular congress last year. We firmly believe that this year we will be able to hold an onsite congress to the delight of all of us. Many health professionals, with no prior experience, have found themselves in sudden situations of making and implementing clinical decisions on airway management in hypoxic patients with COVID-19 in an invasive and noninvasive manner. This year’s congress, which we firmly believe we will be able to realize in physical form, will be an ideal opportunity to share experiences and learn new skills on airway care related to the pandemic.

The topic of this year’s congress is “The airway from the perspective of various medical professions”. We want to gather health professionals from various medical professions who, in their daily work, encounter the airway management and possibly difficult airway management. The scientific and professional program is intended for doctors, nurses and technicians and health associates in anaesthesiology, intensive care, outpatient and inpatient emergency medicine, internal medicine, infective disease medicine, pulmonology, oncology, radiotherapy, neurology, paediatrics, otorhinolaryngology, speech therapy, maxillofacial surgery and others interested. Active interaction between lecturers and participants during lectures, oral or e-poster presentations and workshops on the basic and advanced airway management will provide each participant with a complete experience of the airway inside and outside the perspective of their own medical profession. The exhibition part of the congress will additionally be an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technological and pharmacological achievements and products in the field of airway visualization and management.

We hope that our interdisciplinary congress will spark your interest in becoming and/or remaining the airway friend and joining us in September in Zagreb.


Thanks in advance to everyone who will help us hold this year’s congress!

We look forward to your arrival.


Assist. Prof. Tatjana Goranović, MD, PhD

Download final programme in PDF format


The congress will take the form of plenary lectures, oral presentations, satellite symposia, workshops and e-posters.


Register on time for your place in congress.


Participants who would like to give an oral or poster presentation should submit an abstract for consideration by the Expert Committee who will determine whether the abstract will be accepted for an oral or poster presentation.


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